Heidens Hart (NL) 2019 vinyl version of Gronspech.

Hidden Marly Productions (JP) 2016 cd version of Krater. 2018 cd version of Gronspech.

Manto Negro Producciones (CL) 2017 tape version of Schijngestalten.

Mospharic Recording Limited (US) 2019 tape version of Gronspech.

Sylvan Screams Analog (US) 2016 tape version of Schijngestalten.

Void Wanderer Productions (NL) 2019 vinyl version of Gronspech.

Zwaertgevegt Records (NL) 2017 tape version of Krater & 7″ Utopia split vinyl. 


Meslamtaea Batr’s solo project since 1998. Kaos joined in 2018.